A Teen's Guide to Modern Manners

A Teen's Guide to Modern Manners (Little, Brown) is an irreverent collection of poems examining modern teenage faults and foibles. From the blurb:

There's little that's been written yet
Concerning teenage etiquette,
So as a sort of useful guide
Some gruesome cases lie inside
Of teenagers who lost their way
And ultimately had to pay.
You'll read about the tragic fate
Of Pete, who couldn't get a date,
And Jen, whose hopes and dreams were quashed,  
And James, who staunchly never washed.
This book could be, and no mistake,
The best investment that you make,
So quickly - pluck it from the shelf!
Or suffer some such fate yourself...

You can find it here. Illustrations by Jack Parham.

"Witty, hilarious, and completely delightful."

(The Huffington Post)

"Delightfully funny and poetic portraits of modern teens." (Buzzfeed

"Hilarious. Bart Simpson meets Adrian Mole at a party thrown by The Inbetweeners. Smart, smelly, spotty and so laugh-out-loud funny it might get you a detention. . ."
(Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees, authors of We're Going on a Bar Hunt)

A Teen's Guide to Modern Manners by Sam Norman
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